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The Gutenberg Press was invented around 1440... quickly revolutionized the printing process... and changed the world. And the processes for printing words & images has continued to evolve up to this very day in the 21st century. And for Fine Artists, the creation of Giclee prints has revolutionized the creation of limited edition prints in astounding new ways.

What is a Giclee Print

Giclee prints... pronounced “Gee Clay”... are the finest quality limited edition art prints on the market today. Invented in the 1980’s, this unique printing process is not like the normal printing processes used in books and magazines, called Offset-Lithography. Rather then that traditional printing process that creates images with precise arrangements of dots... or the new digital images made up of millions of “pixels”... Giclee prints are created on very high quality printers where they “spray” an irregular arrangement of high-quality, fade resistant, pigmented colors onto the surface of very good papers. Because of the very high quality of both the unique fade-resistant pigmented inks, coupled with the very high quality paper stocks... the visual aesthetics of David’s Giclee Prints are rated for 300+ years.

Natural Abstractions

This Giclee Edition is Severely Limited to only 10 Prints

Size of Print Image: 30” x 40” ( See what the framed print size looks like above )

Natural Abstractions • 30” x 40”

Remaining prints in this edition... 07... 08... 09... & 10

Price: $600

David’s “Severely Limited Editions” consist of only 10 prints.

Artist Notes:

For many years I have been attracted to very complex designs that I find in Nature. And one of my favorite themes in this design study is birds in water. India’s magnificent Keoladeo National Park ( Bharatpur ), is one of the most incredible bird sanctuaries in the entire world. And it is home to the largest resident population of “Painted Storks” in the world, shown here in their typical colorful breeding plumage. They work their way across the shallow wetland marsh in large feeding groups creating beautiful designs as they go.

Limited Edition Print Aesthetics:

This is a large print, printed on the industries highest quality paper stock using the industry’s highest rated archival pigmented inks, rated fade resistant for 300+ years.

The print comes with an Artist Certificate validating all aspects of the print production.

Shipping, Handling, Packaging, and Speed of Delivery are Extra Costs added to order based upon your shipping destination & speed.

To purchase: There are only 4 prints remaining in this very limited edition... please contact David Rankin’s Studio in Cleveland, Ohio.

Email:  davidrankinwatercolors@gmail.com

Phone:  216-932-2125

Natural Abstractions - Image Size: 30” x 40”