David Rankin’s Worldwide Watercolor


Ancient Giants - 20” x 27” - $1,500

Artist Statement:  I am inspired by trees of all kinds... especially when they have some unique characteristics. The tangible power of very large trees however... has an effect upon everyone. They are so old... so ancient... so seemingly timeless... it inspires me to try and capture something of that ancient presence... in my paintings.

This exhibition of David’s watercolors represents the largest local exhibition he has had in his home town of Cleveland, Ohio... in several years.

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The Power of Watercolor

Exhibition:  The Power of Watercolor by David Rankin

Where:  Originally held at The InTown Club Gallery / Cleveland, Ohio USA

When: November 2012


The Power of Watercolor - David Rankin

This marks only the 2nd time that David has exhibited his very large original paintings of the Cleveland.  He created these and then turned them into gigantic Watercolor Murals that he created for Architect - Richard Zimmerman and Forest City Enterprises to decorate the lobby in the Old Halle Building, in downtown Cleveland.

The Cleveland Skyline Triptych  -  $15,000

The centerpiece of this exhibition is the large 3-painting triptych of the Cleveland skyline.

Each painting measures 40.5” x 55” and was then merged digitally into one enormous image that was turned into wallpaper. You can see how big it was... that’s David on the lower left corner... standing next to it in the Old Halle Building. The painting above is the center section in the triptych.


Opening Night - Severance Hall  -  27” x 54” - $4,200

This was the artwork created for the 2nd large mural. The mural measures 8’ feet tall and 32’ long. Artist Statement: I came to Cleveland when I was 18 to attend the Cleveland Institute of Art; which sits right behind Severance Hall. This grand old building situated right in the heart of the Case Campus... is the home of the world famous Cleveland Orchestra. And since I went to the Cleveland Institute of Art, this building is etched into my mind as one of the most elegant and dramatic architectural structures in Cleveland. And on any Opening Night it represents the very center of Cleveland’s very vital cultural landscape.


Above the Clouds - 35.5” x 46.5” - $5,000

David is best known as one of the top Wildlife Artists in the world today. He is a long time signature member & board member of the Society of Animal Artists, the world’s oldest and most celebrated collection of painters and sculptors, from all over the world, who find artistic inspiration in the birds and animals that share our planet.

This large watercolor depicts a flock of Red Crowned Cranes rising into the sky. These cranes are sacred in the ancient cultures of China, Japan, and Korea. This is the first time it has been exhibited here in Cleveland, having recently returned from a National Museum Tour. It was featured on the Museum Catalog Cover for the Museum Tour.


Pelicans on Jackson Lake, Wyoming - 40” x 49” - $5,000

David’s has been painting the grand landscape of the American west for the past 10 years. And every fall he teaches watercolor out in Wyoming’s high country. This again is a very large watercolor. And it depicts a flock of Pelicans landing on Jackson Lake, right at the foot of the Grand Teton mountains. Many people don’t realize that Pelicans frequent this region of Wyoming as well as Yellowstone National Park, just 20 miles north. This painting also features one of David’s magnificent western skies; which end up in so many of his paintings.


A Majestic View in the Himalayas - 43.5” x 34” - $5,000

David is considered to be the most famous watercolor painter in the world to be focusing such a large ongoing professional effort on India. This painting evolved out of his recent Watercolor Expedition into the high altitude Himalayan regions where the Ganges River begins. This tiny region of the Himalayas is filled with 100 peaks over 20,000 feet. And you can see a tiny herd of high altitude Ibex-like sheep called Bharal, feeding along the sheer cliffs in the Gangotri National Park. Tibet... lies right on the other side of this mountain peak.


Mist in the Falls - Canadian Side - 25.5” x 31” - $1,500

One of the most ubiquitous features of David’s watercolors... is water itself. David loves to paint water. And here we see his fascination focused on the grandeur of Niagara Falls from the Canadian side.

Artist Statement: Niagara Falls is the most incredible falls in the world. There are of course some that are higher, more remote, or even more dramatic. But Niagara is the planet’s most all around... spectacular. And artists have been painting the Falls since the early 1800’s. And although I love the Falls on the American side... it’s these views on the Canadian side that I love the most. 


High Country Lake / Wyoming - 20” x 27” - $1,500

Artist Statement: I love the Wyoming landscape, at any altitude. But some of these settings just beg to be painted... and this was one of them!


Winter Wetlands - 20” x 27” - $1,500

Artist Statement:  Rivers always attract my artistic senses... especially in winter. I love how rivers cut through icy and snowy landscapes... and this is one of my favorites.


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