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David is always involved in a number of different artistic projects. Some of these are relatively small while others are rather grand and complex. From a purely artistic point of view... each of these projects have distinct limitations and advantages.

This Menu will allow interested persons to review all of the major projects easily.

>   David’s new iBooks Production for Artist Training Coming Soon

>   David’s new Artist Training Workshopshttp://www.davidrankinwatercolor.macmate.me/David_Rankin_Workshop_Site/David_Watercolor_Workshops.html
>    Ipad Magic Workshopshttp://www.davidrankinwatercolor.macmate.me/David_Rankin_iPad_Magic/SKB_Workshop_Presentation.htmlhttp://www.davidrankinwatercolor.macmate.me/Collecting_David_Rankin_Watercolors/Collecting_David_Rankin_Watercolors.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
>   David’s Ongoing Paint India Projecthttp://www.davidrankinwatercolor.macmate.me/David_Rankin_Watercolor_Site/Welcome.html
>   The Grand Tradition - The History of Artist Travel & Journalshttp://www.davidrankinwatercolor.macmate.me/The_Grand_Artistic_Tradition_of_Journals/The_Grand_Tradition.html

These projects represent the central focus of David’s creative energies. The Grand Tradition is a very unique effort David has been developing since 1985... whereas his new iPad Workshops have evolved just since March of 2012. The most exciting of all of them however... is his creative efforts developing a whole line of Interactive Apple iBooks for his unique artist training methods. We will be announcing them soon! Stay tuned!

Website Updates Coming Soon:    

Cool Sketching Skills Workshop

Cooking with Watercolor Workshop

Artist Journal Workshop

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