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David’s Images of India Watercolor Collection    

48 of those first watercolors are already being exhibited in David’s first virtual exhibition, in his

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The Beauty of India’s Wildlife    

    The sheer diversity of India’s wildlife is astounding. Although less than half the size of the United States, India has more than twice as many species of birds... than all of the USA and Canada... combined!

    India also has the most different species of deer on earth. And although Africa is 1000% bigger than India... India has more different species of big cats!

    Over the years as I’ve made trip after to trip to India, my own vision and artistic objectives of India have changed and evolved. In the beginning my first efforts focused on India’s incredible display of storks & cranes. But as our explorations expanded from a focus on birds to our ever-widening study of tigers, leopards, and elephants it also began to include the habitat itself. And my present artistic efforts which include a very vast assortment of wild things also includes an enormous concern for the overall habitat.

    This effects how I paint a subject. For I have two distinctly different aesthetic decisions that comes up again and again as I’m sketching, painting, and photographing on location.

    Is this painting idea about a specific bird or animal in its typical environment? Or is this idea more personal... more intimate... closer?

Wild India 2010 / Animal Portraits vrs Grand Vistas

How does someone get so interested in India?

Find out how a young man goes to India in 1970 to practice Yoga...

and that...

leads to him becoming

one of the world’s top

wildlife artists!

This PDF Brochure details David’s 38 year history in India... from 1970-2008.

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Wild creatures in their world    

    Here is a good example of what I mean. Here is a painting of Himalayan Blue Sheep in the high country of India’s Gangotri National Park. On my last expedition up into the Ganges Himalayas we came in very close proximity with this species of mountain sheep.

    But as you see them and study them going about their daily lives you realize how incredibly at ease they are running up and down the very steepest and most treacherous cliff faces.

    You can however see how even though they are at ease, munching tender new grasses, and scurrying about in their family groups, at least one of the adults has a watchful eye out for any sign of their most dangerous foe... the stealthy Snow Leopards.

    So as I developed this idea for this painting, I wanted to try and create an accurate representation of them... going about their daily lives in this incredible majestic landscape. If you study this painting, in my viewartbetterexhibition... you’ll be able to pick out the various sheep in the the high resolution Closer Look Window©.

    At first... you see the landscape. And then... you see them on the cliffs. They are simply part of the landscape.

    And when you are actually there... you can easily miss them even when they are only 20 yards away.

    You will also notice the one large male looking off into the other direction. He’s the ever-watchful lookout!

    It’s this kind of intimate working knowledge of creatures in their natural habitats that I try to build into my watercolors.

    You can now see the dramatic difference between it and the more close-up portrait-like painting of the Painted Stork above left.


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MultiMedia Presentation of David’s Ganges Himalayas Expedition

From the AFC Flag Expedition presentation of David’s 2007 expedition.

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A lot more India...

David has created a number of additional interactive PDF brochures on a wide variety of subjects from his latest expedition in the Ganges Himalayas.

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Wild India 2010

This is a ViewArtBetterExhibition. It is a new style of very Realistic Fine Art Exhibition which allow art lovers and collectors to view fine art as it is meant to be viewed... in very realistic museum-like settings with advanced hi-resolution magnification technology and enhanced exhibition options.

    This marks the beginning of a whole new effort by American Watercolor Painter, David Rankin, to present the beauty of India to the world. After a series of profound spiritual experiences in the spring of 1985, David refocused his entire artistic career on India. This small exhibition presents 8 of David’s watercolors and a wide selection of subjects with tigers, elephants, deer, and high altitude sheep.

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More Wild Watercolors

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Painting India’s Wildlife

In 1970 I made my very first trip to India for advanced training in Yoga Meditation. And it was during this very intense period of my life that I was first initiated not only into the ancient traditions, techniques, and philosophy of Classical Yoga... but into her extraordinary natural beauty as well. And over the years it was India herself that turned me into the artist I am today.   David Rankin

If you’d like... there’s also a lot more of David’s work in India detailed below...

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